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Sondergesandter der WHO mahnt bei ÖRK-Tagung: Nahrungsmittelkrise erfordert sofortiges Handeln

Die Welt stehe von einer globalen Nahrungsmittelkrise, die durch den Krieg in der Ukraine verschärft und in den Vordergrund gerückt worden sei, aber die Menschheit könne und müsse Schritte hin zu mehr wirtschaftlicher Gerechtigkeit und größerer Klimagerechtigkeit unternehmen, um Abhilfe zu schaffen. Das wurde den Teilnehmenden an einer Tagung eindringlich nahegelegt, die unter Federführung des Ökumenischen Rates der Kirchen organisiert worden war.

Rivers, oceans, lakes all interconnected in God's patterns for nature, WCC webinar hears

The Rewa River is the longest and widest river in Fiji on the island of Viti Levu, originating in Tomanivi, the highest peak in the country, and is of enormous importance to local indigenous culture, explains Rev. James Bhagwan.

As general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, Bhagwan offered opening remarks and prayers at a World Council of Churches (WCC) webinar titled "Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes" on 28 January with participants from every part of planet earth.

Webinar will highlight experts’ reflections on “Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes”

A upcoming webinar will offer speakersinsights on Food from Oceans, Rivers and Lakes.” Offered on 28 or 27 January (depending on time zone), the webinar will explore the vital role of blue, or aquatic, foods in the wellbeing and livelihood of 3 billion people in the world. But the health of the water bodies is being degraded by climate change,  pollution, unsustainable overfishing, and mining.

WCC invites webinar on ’Racism, Land and Food’

The World Council of Churches (WCC) invites a webinar on ’Racism, Land and Food’ to explore the intersections of food, land, and racial injustices, and discern ways to overcome the impact of racial injustice and inequity on food sovereignty.

Let the food systems nourish people and the planet rather than feed the profits of the privileged

The food system is a complex web of activities involving production, processing, transport, and consumption. Key issues concerning the food system include how food production affects the natural environment, the impact of food on individual and population health, the governance and economics of food production, its sustainability, and the degree to which we waste food.