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Monastery in Ukraine responds to the consequences of war

During the recent solidarity visit to Ukraine, a World Council of Churches (WCC) delegation was welcomed at the Banchen monastery in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine, witnessing its active involvement supporting and sheltering victims of Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine.

On the ambiguities of border and our quest for unity today

In the world today, border is far from a neutral or natural notion. Depending on the context of interpretation, it evokes different thoughts and emotions. For some, it may recall an expensive wall of xenophobia. For others, it could mean a gateway to safety and refuge, or the relentless defense against hostile aggressors. As we ponder the theme “Christ’s love (re)moves borders,” we shall begin by asking: What are borders? At a time when world powers are trying to change borders by force, what does it mean for Christ’s love to (re)move borders? And, ultimately, how do we discern between ideological pacifism and true unity?

GETI 2022: Christ’s Love (Re)Moves Borders

An Ecumenical Reader

GETI 2022 at the 11th WCC Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the third instalment in the succession of WCC Global Ecumenical Theological Institutes (GETIs) under the auspices of the Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE) programme.
Christ’s Love (Re)moves Borders: An Ecumenical Reader as the study guide for GETI2022 brings together scripture, theology, and social science into a single compilation to facilitate intercultural academic study, ecumenical learning and sharing. Derived from the WCC 11th Assembly theme, “Christ’s Love Moves the World to Reconciliation and Unity”, the GETI2022 theme locates love and reconciliation at the heart of the gospel.

GETI brings together young and emerging ecumenical theologians and educators from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions and all eight regions of the WCC to engage with one another on current critical theological themes. The GETI2022 Reader is a key resource compilation to enable participants to: • Strengthen knowledge of current local and global ecumenical themes. • Engage with past, present and future issues in ecumenical discourse. • Utilize interdisciplinary approaches for ecumenical studies. • Express a theologically informed and contextually grounded ecumenical theology. • Seek constructive solutions for challenges in changing religious and societal landscapes.

WCC mourns passing of Archbishop Mor Gabriel Dahho

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is mourning the passing of Archbishop Mor Gabriel Dahho, Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem, Jordan and the Holy Lands.

WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca extended condolences to the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Anthioch.

وفد مجلس الكنائس العالمي يزور سوريا ويعرب عن تضامنه مع "الصامدون في أرضهم"

قام القس البروفسور الدكتور/ ايوان سوكا، الامين العام لمجلس الكنائس العالمي بالإنابة بزيارة لسوريا برفقة سكرتير عام مجلس كنائس الشرق الاوسط الدكتور/ ميشال عبس والامين العام لتحالف "كنائس للعمل معاً" رودليمار بوينو دى فاريا والمستشار الاقدم لمجلس الكنائس العالمي لبناء السلام ميشال نصير.

وفد مجلس الكنائس العالمي يستمع إلى مخاوف وآمال كنائس الشرق الأوسط وهي متوجهة إلى الجمعية الحادية عشرة

زار وفد من مجلس الكنائس العالمي بيروت في 7 يوليو/تموز، في إطار زيارته لبناء جسور التواصل مع الكنائس الأعضاء في لبنان، حيث اجتمع مع قادة الكنائس وكذلك مجلس كنائس الشرق الأوسط للاستماع ونقل رسالة إلى الجمعية الحادية عشرة المقبلة لمجلس الكنائس العالمي ، والتي ستنعقد في "كارلسروه" بألمانيا خلال الفترة من 31 أغسطس/آب إلى 8 سبتمبر/أيلول.