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Statement on situations of concern in Nigeria

The Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches, meeting by video conference on 20-24 July 2020, takes special note of a number of situations of concern that have been brought to its attention in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the WCC’s priority countries in the context of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, and Africa’s most populous nation, with many diverse communities of faith, and a vibrant church and ecumenical life.

Executive committee

The WCC Executive Committee Statement: Attacks and Persecution of Christian Communities in Asia

Throughout history, religious communities living in contexts in which other religions predominate have been among the most vulnerable groups in society. In many parts of the world today, Christians in such contexts are among the most persecuted communities. With the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (PJP) focus on Asia this year, we observe the challenges faced by Christian communities in several countries and territories in this region.

Executive committee