Your God, My God, Our God: Rethinking Christian Theology for Religious Plurality

Your God, My God, Our God: Rethinking Christian Theology for Religious Plurality

"This book distils the theological counsel of a pioneering thinker."—S. Mark Heim

S. Wesley Ariarajah

A constructive proposal for a Christian theology of religions—

“In this tightly argued and lucidly written little book, Wesley Ariarajah offers a staunch response to those academics who recently have been calling for a ‘moratorium on the theology of religions.’  He makes clear that the urgency of engaging followers of other religious traditions provides the opportunity to review, reform, and re-appropriate one’s own.  In both college classrooms and parish discussion groups, this is a book that will engage and inspire.”

Paul F. Knitter
Paul Tillich Professor of Theology, World Religions, and Culture
Union Theological Seminary, New York

“No one has been better situated by experience and vocation to understand the change in the relation of Christianity and the religions than Wesley Ariarajah. And no one exceeds his generosity of spirit in interpreting the controversies that change arouses. Radical in its scope and humble in its spirit, this book distils the theological counsel of a pioneering thinker.… Whether provoked to agreement or to argument, all of us who care for these questions will be the better for hearing the case he makes with the same open heart with which he offers it.”

S. Mark Heim
Samuel Abbot Professor of Christian Theology
Andover Newton Theological School

Theologian Wesley Ariarajah believes that authentic Christian faith in today’s religiously plural world demands that we rethink central concepts of the Christian theological tradition. Ariarajah’s work is based on the conviction that some of the basic doctrinal formulations about God, Sin, Christ, Salvation, and Mission can in fact be rethought for our day, helping us to affirm deeply the Christian faith while yet respecting other religious experiences in their distinctiveness. He traces the biblical roots and theological developments of these doctrines, evaluates their coherence, and proposes new constructive options for a Christian theology of religions.

S. Wesley Ariarajah is Professor Emeritus of Ecumenical Theology at Drew University School of Theology, Madison, New Jersey, U.S.A. Among his other books are The Bible and People of Other Faiths, Not without My Neighbour: Issues in Interfaith Relations, and Axis of Peace: Christian Faith in Times of Violence and War.

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