JWG 10th Report Cover

Walking, Praying and Working Together

10th Report of the Joint Working Group of the WCC and the Roman Catholic Church

The JWG offers this report and two study documents to the 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe in 2022 with recommendations for the parent bodies. The study documents address two critical areas of ecumenical cooperation in today’s world:

Peace Is a Treasure for All: An Ecumenical Reflection on Peacebuilding in Situations of Conflict, and

Violence and Migrants and Refugees: Ecumenical Challenges and Opportunities Together, these documents encourage intensive ecumenical cooperation of all Christians and people of goodwill, with a particular emphasis on the contributions that can be made by the WCC and the RCC together.

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ISBN: 978-2-8254-1808-6

Shelving/Topics: Christianity / Ecumenism

Rights: World, all languages

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The title of this report—Walking, Praying and Working Together: An Ecumenical Pilgrimage—was the motto of Pope Francis’ visit to Geneva in June 2018. Undoubtedly this was the highlight of ecumenical cooperation between the WCC and the RCC during

this mandate of the JWG. It accurately captured the WCC’s emphasis on a pilgrimage of justice and peace following the 10th Assembly in Busan in 2013 and Pope Francis’ conviction that unity can only grow through Christians walking together as fellow pilgrims in Christ’s love.