Mapping Migration Publication Cover

Mapping Migration, Mapping Churches’ Responses In Europe

Being Church Together
Darrell Jackson
Alessia Passarelli

Copublication: Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe and World Council of Churches

Through migration, minority churches in some countries are growing. The current study Mapping Migration, Mapping Churches’ Responses in Europe, Being Church Together attempts to provide information on actual immigration and emigration figures for twenty‐two European countries, and seeks to identify the diversity of Christian presence.

This is the third study of this nature

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ISBN:  978-2-8254-1758-4

Rights: World, all languages Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe

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Challenging and Encouraging

Torsten Moritz: “Both in understanding the colourful ecumenical reality of churches in Europe and in addressing the road ahead for becoming churches of unity and equality – mapping the reality on the ground is the first step. This is what the study does, and in doing so, it both encourages and challenges us as churches and ecumenical family in Europe.”

Rev Associate Professor Darrell Jackson holds a ThD in missiology from the University of Birmingham. He has served as National Mission Advisor to the Baptist Union of Great Britain (1996-2003), Mission Researcher for the Conference of European Churches (2004-2007), and founded the Nova Research Centre, Redcliffe College, Gloucester (2007-2011). He left Europe for Australia in 2012, spending almost eight years as Associate Professor of Missiology at Morling College, Sydney. In 2019 he was appointed the Director of Research at Whitley College, a College of the University of Divinity, Melbourne.

He began researching migration, ethnic diversity, and intercultural Christianity in 2004, areas in which he currently writes, teaches, and supervises PhD students from Chinese, Sri Lankan, Australian, and Nigerian backgrounds.

He is the Secretary of the Australian Association of Mission Studies and a member of several scholarly Associations in the fields of missiology and intercultural theology. For this third edition, Dr Jackson was offered research assistance by Dr Titus Olorunnisola, an Honorary Research Associate of the University of Divinity, Melbourne, and a former researcher for CCME’s MIRACLE project in the Netherlands.

Dr Alessia Passarelli holds a PhD in sociology from Trinity College, Dublin, where she investigated the integration policies and practices of Protestant Churches in Ireland and Italy. She graduated in cultural anthropology at University 'La Sapienza' in Rome with a thesis on Romanian Roma people in Rome.

She has been working on migration, religion, ethnic minorities and integration issues since 2005: previously by implementing and coordinating projects at the Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe and later by being part of the research team of the Trinity Immigration Initiative Project at Trinity College. From 2017 until 2018 she worked for the Observatory for Religious Pluralism – GRISS (project funded by Emilia-Romagna Region in cooperation with Bologna University) researching Protestant Churches in the Region.

Since June 2019 she has been a Research Fellow at the Foundation for Religious Sciences 'John XXIII' in Bologna (Fscire) working on the 'Atlas of the Rights of Religious or Belief Minorities in the countries of Europe’.

She has been collaborating on a regular basis with the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI) where she also serves as a moderator of the 'Integration Commission' and with Confronti Study Center as senior researcher and team coordinator.