Health-Promoting Churches 3 Cover

Health-Promoting Churches Volume III

Contextual Bible Studies on Health and Healing
Edited by:
Mwai Makoka
Gerald West

Health and healing have always been important in the work of the World Council of Churches. and the WCC has previously used the Contextual Bible Study methodology to good effect in helping churches address various challenging issues.  In this publication, the focus is on a range of challenging health issues including women’s health, disability, mental health, and health inequality, among others.

Bible studies in this manual was produced by participants from churches around the world, through a series of online workshops, ensuring that various voices and experiences are represented, enriching the publication for a global audience.

Specs: 108 pages; 5.83x8.27” size; PDF and paper; perfect; 4-colour cover

ISBN: 978-2-8254-1821-5

Shelving/Topics: Religion/Health

Rights: World, all languages

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The essence of contextual Bible study is the transformation of individuals and communities for the better. This book is mind-transforming and will equip Christian communities with the skills to act rightly on their health challenges. I sincerely recommend this book to everyone who is committed to human wellbeing.

Rev Dr Fidon Mwombeki, General Secretary,

All Africa Conference of Churches

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted yet again that the quest for health is as much the business of churches as of health professionals. This book will help church communities to discuss difficult health issues, using the Bible to guide them toward solutions.

Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Chair, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA

Mwai Makoka is Programme Executive for Health and Healing at the World Council of Churches. He received medical training from the University of Malawi and post-doctoral training in medical and public health microbiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,USA. In addition to clinical work, he has worked in academia and health programmes in both the public sector and ecumenical circles.

Gerald O. West is Professor Emeritus in the School of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics in the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He has conducted community-based Bible study work for social transformation with the Ujamaa Centre for Community Development and Research for more than thirty years.