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Contemporary Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Environmental Stewardship in World Religions

Ecothee Volume 6th-Orthodox Academy of Crete Publication
Edited by:
Louk A. Andrianos
Tom Sverre Tomren

The 6th International Conference on Ecotheology and Environmental Ethics – Ecothee-19 – took place in September 2019 and brought together 40 academics, church leaders and activists from different parts of the world. 

This book, published by Embla Akademisk, consists of articles developed in the aftermath of the conference. 

This book is intended as a scientific anthology showing the diversity of ecotheology found in various religious traditions. 

It is divided into three main sections: Theological and philosophical reflection, Ethics and best practices and global contributions. We are convinced that the book and its contributions will help to provide a deeper insight into the diversity that exists within global ecotheology.

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ISBN: 978‑82‑93689‑14‑0

Shelving/Topics: Ecotheology

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