GETI Prayer Booklet 2022 Cover

Christ’s Love (Re)moves Borders

GETI 2022 Prayer Booklet
Edited by:
Kuzipa Nalwamba
Chad Rimmer

The spiritual life during GETI 2022 embodies the WCC ethos of holding spirituality and critical reflection together as parts of an integrated whole. In that regard, this Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) is envisioned as a holistic process encompassing formative and informative dimensions of learning. This prayer booklet contributes to holistic learning. It is a resource for spiritual life, a formative dimension of the GETI 2022 experience and learning. It illuminates the theme “Christ’s Love (Re)Moves Borders” liturgically. This, therefore, serves as a resource for (spi)ritual and prayerful reflection for all during the residential phase of the study process that was also anticipated during the online phase.


Specs: 46 pages; 7.24x8.25” size; PDF and paper; perfect; 4-colour cover

ISBN: 978-2-8254-1820-8

Shelving/Topics: Religion/Worship

Rights: World, all languages

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