Children praying

Indigenous children who live on the contested Hacienda El Prado, near Cayambe, Ecuador, pray during an activity led by a United Methodist missionary.



We are thankful for:

  • the beauty in these countries, including in their people and cultural traditions
  • persistent, patient, prophetic work of churches and ecumenical and other organizations, to establish peace with justice throughout the region, especially in Colombia
  • resistance to past colonization, and to practices of today that prioritize economic ideologies over the needs of the people
  • efforts by churches and people of goodwill for inclusive and respectful relations in society and government.

We pray for:

  • the continued pursuit of peace in Colombia, the fulfilment of agreements reached, the reintegration of insurgents into society, broad and inclusive dialogue for justice, and fair compensation of those victimized by conflict
  • the strengthening of democratically elected governments in the region, without pressure from outside interests
  • greater respect for the human rights of all, especially vulnerable populations and those who work for the wellbeing of others and of the environment
  • an end to the corruption in these societies, and to unsustainable exploitation of their resources.


A Confession of Faith

God of love, we believe that you are our hope.
God of love, we believe that you have called us to work for peace.
God of love, we believe that your Holy Spirit is breathing new
life into our communities, churches and nations.   
God of love, we believe that you make it possible for light to shine upon all who suffer in our world.
God of love, we believe that you are speaking to the world’s peoples in all their differences, turning those differences into opportunities to build a new world.
God of love, we believe that you speak to the world’s peoples in all life’s situations, in the midst of our social, religious, political and economic life, in order to bring us hope.
God of love, we believe that you are calling all peoples and nations today to work together for change wherever there is pain and suffering in our world.
God of love, we believe that you are our hope. Amen.

(Revd Adelaida Jiménez, Colombia)


To be more patient
give us strength, Lord.

To become peace-makers,
equip us, Lord.

To be right,
give us your light, Lord.

To accept our faults,
give us humility, Lord.

To be in solidarity with those who suffer,
make us sympathetic, Lord.

That our actions will be guided by love,
give us your Spirit, Lord.

(Migdáleder Mazuera and Mairín Rodríguez, Venezuela. © Red de Liturgia y Recursos de Educación Cristiana de CLAI-CELADEC. English transl. Terry MacArthur, WCC)


God, we pray for all those
who, following the example of Jesus,
search and work for peace,
proclaiming and building your reign.
Increase their strength and fill them with your grace.

(Loida G. de Valera, Caracas, Venezuela. English transl. Terry MacArthur, WCC)


Continued progress towards peace in Colombia and the establishment of a safe environment for all people.