About the WCC logo

logo oikoumene cross

The symbol of the boat has its origins in the gospel story of the calling of the disciples by Jesus and the stilling of the storm on Lake Galilee.

logo oikoumene line

The ecumenical symbol was in use even before the inauguration of the WCC in 1948, and has taken many variations since then.

There are various versions of the logo: in high or low resolution as well as in colour or black/white.

Download the available file types for the WCC logo or the Ecumenical symbol:

⇫ WCC logo

⇫ Ecumenical symbol

WCC logo symbol

The 'oikoumene' symbol with the cross and the boat (without the text “World Council of Churches”) can also be used by other ecumenical organizations or agencies that share the Christian vision and values of the WCC to illustrate ecumenical initiatives that are not directly linked to the World Council of Churches.

Permission to use the logo

In no case is the logo allowed to be used by non-related organizations or for any commercial purposes. The WCC requires other organizations to request permission to use the logo.