Ambulances are unable to access certain neighborhoods in the camp because the roads were destroyed.  Infrastructure damage includes the water and electricity networks.  Also, the Latin Patriarchate announced that their church in Jenin was damaged due to the attack. 

The Orthodox and Latin churches in Jenin opened their doors to some refugees out of the 3000 who fled the camp, but the WCC is worried because the humanitarian needs of the entire camp’s population of 18,000 people have to be taken care of urgently.  After numerous futile attacks in the past, the military assault serves only to exacerbate the humanitarian situation.

The Jerusalem Patriarchate has issued a statement asking that life with safety and dignity is ensured.  A similar statement by the Latin Patriarchate condemned the violence and demanded a ceasefire.

The WCC condemns the assault and calls for the cessation of all violence in the West Bank including that from Israeli settlers.  The WCC also calls upon the international humanitarian organizations to help rebuild people’s lives with peace and dignity in Jenin Refugee Camp.

Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay

General Secretary

World Council of Churches