Where is our earth going?
Where is our earth going?
Our world, full of weeping, where is it going?
If love is killed,
If we remain divided,
Where is our earth going?

Loving God, forgive us.

Nothing can be born again,
Nothing can be born again and live,
If our fists are clenched,
If our efforts are misdirected,
Nothing can be born again.

Loving God, forgive us.

In order to build the city,
In order to build the city and celebrate,
We need to learn to share,
Share wine and salt and wheat,
In order to build the city.

Sharing God, forgive us.

In this vast world,
In this vast weapon-laden world,
Humankind has been made to love,
And to work for peace,
In this vast world.

Peace-loving God, forgive us.

War - never again!
War - never again!
What we want is friendship.
We raise our voices in support of unity.
War - never again!

God, making us brothers and sisters, forgive us.

(From: A collection of Prayer for Peace – 2006 Decade to Overcome Violence, WCC)