The reports now emerging from Bucha and other areas near Kyiv give much stronger indications of grave violations of international law. The World Council of Churches expresses its abhorrence at these reported atrocities, which must be fully investigated and documented so that those responsible can be held legally and personally accountable.

War is a context inherently conducive to such brutality, which underlines the need for systems of legal accountability to prosecute perpetrators, in order to curb the worst in humanity. Moreover, it underscores the urgent necessity of bringing this terrible conflict to an immediate end, for the sake of preventing yet more death, injury and destruction of communities.

We appeal to those responsible for conceiving, pursuing and supporting this war, to stop the bloodshed and destruction, and to save the lives of all the children, women and men in the way of their ambition.

Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca
Acting General Secretary
World Council of Churches