Your Eminence Metropolitan George of Paphos,

It is with deep sadness that we have learned the passing of Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus.
We convey to You, to the Church and people of Cyprus, to the many spiritual daughters and sons
of the late Archbishop our most sincere condolences.

We give thanks to God for the life and witness of Archbishop Chrysostomos. All along his life and
ministry he has encouraged and strengthened inter-Orthodox relations; he was supportive of
inter-Christian relations and ecumenical organisations such as the World Council of Churches, the
Conference of European Churches, the Middle East Council of Churches; he offered an
unconditional support to neighbouring churches in the Middle East whenever they were facing

We also give thanks for his dedication to his people, still suffering the division of their beloved
country. He made tireless efforts for a peaceful solution but, unfortunately, he did not see his
country united.

Those of us who had the privilege of meeting the late Archbishop Chrysostomos will remember
with gratitude and affection his wisdom; his warm welcome and gracious hospitality; his open
invitation to host ecumenical encounters in Cyprus; the way he received all participants in
meetings organized in Cyprus by the World Council of Churches; the way he encouraged all efforts
aiming at Christian unity; the way he encouraged younger people to engage in the long and
difficult journey of justice, peace and reconciliation.

The leadership and members of the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches,
meeting these days at the Ecumenical Institute Bossey, also convey their condolences for the loss
of the Head of a founding member Church of our Council. Many members of the committee had
the privilege of knowing Archbishop Chrysostomos and expressed their personal sorrow. We have
remembered Archbishop Chrysostomos in our prayers, expressing our gratitude to God for his life
and miniostry.

May God, the God of resurrection and life, give rest to Archbishop Chrysostomos and may his
memory be eternal.

Respectfully Yours in our Lord,
Rev. Prof. Ioan Sauca
Acting General Secretary, World Council of Churches