Geneva, 8 September 2023

Dear Rev. Silvia Genz,
Dear sisters and brothers of the Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil,

It is with great sorrow and concern that we are following the news of the devastation caused by the floods in the Taquari Valley, a region strongly marked by the historical presence of your constituency.

As tens of thousands of people cope with the aftermath of the flooding, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for your continued strength and for the strength of those offering rescue and relief in so many ways - as churches, as neighbors, and through simple acts of kindness.

Please accept our condolences and our hopes for healing and renewal. We stand with you as you face the pain of lost loved ones, destroyed homes, and disrupted lives.

Extreme weather events have been affecting states and regions worldwide these last years. Unfortunately, it’s clear that the impacts of climate change are leading to more extreme - and more regular - situations like these.

“The God of the Bible is a God of justice who protects, loves, and cares for the most vulnerable among his creatures; the Bible teaches the wholeness of creation.”[1] Unless we work together to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change then we have no hope of improving protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants in future.

May God continue to protect and inspire your ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay
General secretary
World Council of Churches

[1] World Council of Churches. “Called to Transformation – Ecumenical Diakonia”, p. 61. 2022.