What a joy it is to see so many different churches gather together here on this Holy Saturday. The World Council of Churches promotes Christian unity which is so much needed in the world today as we face numerous global and local challenges. In such a context we are called live and work together to the Glory of God and good of all people and creation. 

Indeed, we are all pilgrims and co-pilgrims in this world trying to understand the sufferings, complexities, struggles and inability to stop the violence, wars and bloodshed. However, Jesus comes into our midst as he did to the two disciples on the Emmaus road to give us understanding, peace, hope and transformation. The message of the resurrection is that Jesus is amongst us, he journeys with us in this life. We are never alone. He gives us his Holy Spirit who groans and intercedes with us but also comforts, strengthens and protects us at all times and in and through all things. 

The WCC speaks of a pilgrimage of justice, reconciliation and unity. In this, we seek to journey with God and with one another in creating a better and just world in the midst of challenges such as poverty, inequality, unemployment, conflicts, wars, climate catastrophe and so many other global and contextual challenges. We are called to proclaim Christ to the world and in doing so, no matter what the circumstances, we know that through his death and resurrection Jesus is amongst us bringing grace, forgiveness, hope, peace, joy and the gift of eternal life. The amazing thing about this story about Jesus walking with the two disciples is that he opened their minds so that they understood, he opened their hearts so that they believed and he opened their eyes so that they were able to see Him and know his abiding presence. May we be able to see Jesus in the midst of struggles, pain, sufferings, uncertainties, doubts and trails in life. There is a final part to this story that many don’t seem to talk about. Jesus opened the mouths of the disciples so much so that they went and told the other disciples, “The Lord is risen!” 

May it be our joy to do the same as we proclaim good news to the world around us: Christ is risen! 

And as we seek to do this: 

May the threefold blessings of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with us now and forever. Amen. 


Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay
General secretary
World Council of Churches