Letter to H.E. Yoweri K. Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, 7 January,

Your Excellency,

I hereby bring you greetings from the World Council of Churches in Geneva.
I wish to express our solidarity with your government and commend you for the
recent signing of agreements on customs and excise which became effective from
1 January, 2005. This is a great achievement towards the realization of the ultimate
economic and political union of the three countries of Kenya, Tanzania and
Uganda. We thank God for the people of East Africa and the democratic gains
that have become the mark of your leadership in the task of working towards a
new promising future for Africa. So far, the establishment of an East African
Legislative Assembly, the elimination of international tariffs and the signing of
the treaty in which the three countries will now have a common customs union
are good signs of an emerging spirit of unity in the continent.

The East African region, whose combined population approximates 90 million,
is endowed with vast natural resources, such as minerals, water, forests, arable
land and wildlife. The unity of this region will certainly strengthen Africa's resolve
and capacity to meet the challenges of a world that is increasingly becoming susceptible
to the forces of globalization. As you will be aware, the World Council
of Churches, over a long period of time, facilitated the churches' involvement in
development and peace processes that guarantee stability in the region. Our objective
here is to contribute to whatever helps the people of East Africa to live in
dignity in just, peaceful and sustainable communities.

We are very encouraged and indeed congratulate you on the exemplary efforts
of your government in undertaking initiatives such as the IGAD Peace Process,
meant to bring lasting peace in Sudan in particular, and Eastern Africa in general.

Please be assured of our continued interest and support and solidarity in such

Your Excellency, we trust that the relationship between your government and
the churches in Uganda will continue to flourish for the good and well-being of
the people of East Africa in general. We at the World Council of Churches assure
you of our prayers. May God continue to sustain you in good health, and may the
New Year bring new blessings and peace to your government and the people of
Uganda as well as East Africa in general.

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia
General Secretary