Dear readers, and friends of the ecumenical movement,

I have followed the internal debate on the core values of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in this Facebook group and in church media elsewhere in Finland. The core values of unity, justice and peace are the same as in 1948 when the WCC was founded. 

The WCC is a fellowship of churches, an international organization with more than 70 years of experience of uniting Christians in the common pursuit of justice and peace. Together with those of different faiths and others in the international community the WCC condemns the misuse of religion as a pretext for violence and creates platforms for peace and reconciliation in line with international law and the human rights declaration.  Through its 350 member churches the WCC has access to over a half billion Christians around the world to work at the grassroots for a more equitable society.  One concrete example is the Thursdays in Black campaign. The WCC has a longstanding commitment to work against all forms of gender-based violence, rape and discrimination.

Thanks for your commitment to the WCC, to our member churches and ecumenical partners—we continue to raise a light of confidence and hope to Christians and others around the world.

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The content in the special chronicle published in Uusi tie will be commented upon by the author Rev. Dr Risto Jukko himself. 

Marianne Ejdersten
Director of Communication
World Council of Churches