The pearl of great price, the hidden treasure,
where should I seek them Lord?
Do I seek them in the depths of my soul
where you pour out your Spirit?
Or in scripture
where your word speaks to me?

Do I seek them in prayer and hymns
where you unite us with the angels?
In the bread and the wine
where you gather us to yourself?
In your church
where you teach your wisdom?

I have found you in all these places.
But the pearl and the treasure
for which I would give all I have
is love, reciprocal and without end:
it enlightens my soul,
grants me understanding of scripture,
and makes my heart sing,
it gathers us in unity
it offers us true wisdom,

And this love has a name, your name, Jesus.

(Rev. Martin Hoegger,
Reformed Church of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland)