We pray in particular that the electoral processes will proceed freely and fairly without any form of violence, and that the outcome will be credible and accepted by all  and that the new government will genuinely commit to the welfare of all people of Nigeria.

In partnership with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) and the All Africa Conference of Churches, the WCC is participating in an ecumenical election observation team during tomorrow’s presidential and congressional elections, in solidarity with the people and churches of the country.

Nigeria and its people have suffered for too long from insecurity, violent attacks and kidnappings, religious and ethnic sectarianism, economic hardship, corruption and poor governance. We pray that this election will mark a turning point at which Nigerians will exercise their votes based on the competence and integrity of the candidates and on their policy commitments, and that they will hold their elected leaders accountable to those commitments. We pray that whoever is elected to leadership in this election will genuinely and consistently serve the interests of all Nigerians, ensuring their security, advancing social welfare, and protecting the equal rights of all regardless of religious or ethnic identity.

Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay

General Secretary

World Council of Churches