While acknowledging and appreciating the efforts by the government, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), the church and other stakeholders in mainstreaming disability issues in development; we the participants of the Inclusive Development Planning Forum representing Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) and churches implementing development programs, held in Nairobi Kenya, 10-12 February 2015; agree on the following:

1. To promote awareness on disability inclusion in all existing development programs among stakeholders including churches, the government, Non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

2. We call upon the government to streamline and speed up the registration of persons with disabilities. Additionally, there is need for the government in collaboration with other stakeholders to review the current statistics of persons with disabilities in Kenya in order to conform to the correct number and to help in planning and decision making. These statistics should be disaggregated into gender, age and disability.

3. We call upon the government and other stakeholders to strengthen the capacity, support and empowerment of persons with disabilities to have the quality of life like their non- disabled peers.

4. In recognizing the valuable contributions that persons with disabilities have to offer, we urge the government and other stakeholders to promote active and effective participation of persons with disabilities in all sectors of development.

5. In recognizing and appreciating the central role that the church has played in the past in supporting and providing services to persons with disabilities, we ask the church to re-ignite and sustain their efforts in engaging and supporting the participation of persons with disabilities in their numerous development programs.

6. We call upon the church, the government and other stakeholders to diversify and scale up inclusive economic empowerment opportunities for persons with disabilities in order to prevent and reduce their economic dependence and extreme poverty.

7. We urge the government to take affirmative action in regards to persons with disabilities access to government economic programs. These include: Uwezo Fund, Youth Fund, and Women Fund.

8. We request the government to ensure that cash transfers for persons with disabilities are streamlined and efficiently disbursed to avoid delays.

9. We realize there is great need for sustained awareness campaigns on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to persons with disabilities themselves, parents, caregivers, church, the government and all institutions and to urge the government on it’s speedy implementation.

10. We call upon the government to recognize and adopt the World Health Organization (WHO) CBR guidelines to ensure standardization in the implementation of rehabilitations of persons with disabilities.