The mandate of the finance policy committee is to recommend policies related to:

  1. The membership contributions scheme and campaign, general reserves and investments;
  2. Long term financial goals and the income and fund-raising strategy to achieve them, consistent with the vision and strategic objectives of the World Council of Churches;
  3. Significant issues concerning financial reporting, internal controls, accountability and compliance with laws and regulations, based upon reports from the finance sub-committee of the executive committee.

The finance policy committee approached its work in a spirit of service, seeking ways in which a dynamic co-operation might be nurtured among the membership, in order to increase resources for the achievement of the WCC’s mission. In recommending financial policies, the committee has aimed to ensure that the principles bear witness to our values of stewardship, accountability and economy of life, so that the policies may help us live out the pilgrimage of justice and peace.


  1. Income development strategy 2014 to 2017
  2. Implementation of the new membership contributions plan
  3. Fund-raising advisory group
  4. General reserves policy
  5. Investment policy
  6. Financial strategy 2014 to 2017
  7. Review of actions taken on recommendations from the assembly finance committee and the finance sub–committee of executive committee
  8. Report on compliance with the assembly subsidy policy
  9. Basic principles for the comprehensive subsidy policy

Appendix 1: WCC financial strategy 2014 to 2017