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Many countries in the Arab world have entered their fifth year of turmoil. Unbearable atrocities have been committed by state and non-state actors in the different conflicts, mainly in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt. In these terrible wars, millions of people have been tragically affected. The religious and ethnic minorities are the most vulnerable communities; and, among them are the Christians, who are our sisters and brothers in the Lord. They face a real danger of extermination and exile from their own region, which will be a catastrophe. So many of us feel, not only hopeless, but also powerless and incapable of making any impact and change. Despite this, as Christians, we keep hope, being confident that our risen Lord will always have the final word.

During this Lenten season, the World Council of Churches is inviting its member churches, and Christians worldwide to offer special prayers for all innocent people affected by these absurd wars, especially in the countries of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt, where the indigenous Christian presence and witness have been continuous since the incarnation of our Lord, and from where the Good News has spread all over the world.


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