Let us add to our invocation some verses from the Psalms:

“God be merciful to us

and bless us” (Ps. 67:1)

so that we can strengthen our desire and our enthusiasm

for the unity of Christians.

Our Lord, guide us to work according to our potentialities

in the specific occasions that arise,

for promoting interaction and common witness.


It is clear that it is not enough only to receive

and to benefit from the divine blessings and gifts.

Certainly we are also obliged to share His truth and love with others.

As the Psalm continues, “that Your way may be known on earth,

Your salvation among all nations.”(v. 2)


The unity we are asking for is clearly connected to

our essential witness in today’s world.

A world which suffers from the virus of egocentrism,

individual or collective, that is manifested through aggression,

injustice, corruption, poverty, violence, terrorism.

Strengthening our unity and dynamic witness

is the most appropriate doxology to God:

“Let the peoples praise You, O God;

let all the peoples praise You” (v.5)


Gazing with hope at the incarnate Word

Who reveals the fullness of love of the Triune God,

let us contribute through words, and deeds

so that mere coexistence may be transformed

into a communion of love in Christ.


H.B. Archbishop Prof. Dr Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës, and All Albania