Dear Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, chair of the WCLC Steering Committee,

It was with great astonishment, that we – by coincidence – were confronted with the fact that the WCC interim general secretary, Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan Sauca, appeared on a WCLC-poster as one of the speakers at a Rally of Hope-event, 5 – 6 December.

Since the interim general secretary Sauca has neither received nor accepted any invitation to participate at that event, we presume that his appearance on the poster is an unfortunate mistake from your side. Consequently, the WCC expects a formal apology from the WCLC.

To avoid further misinterpretations about who were involved in last week’s event, we also kindly ask you to immediately retract all information from your website, as well as other channels, where the WCC and its interim general secretary appears.

We must also point out that any usage for promotional purposes of WCC-photos or other material always requires permission by the WCC Director of Communication, as undersigned. We expect to hear from you and receive a formal apology.

Geneva,14 December 2020
With kind regards

Marianne Ejdersten
Director of Communication
World Council of Churches