Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata
General Secretary
Zimbabwe Council of Churches

Geneva, August 27, 2020

Distinguished delegates of the biennial General Assembly of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

I greet you on behalf of the 350 WCC member churches in more than 110 countries, representing over 560 million Christians around the world

It is with great pleasure that we have received your invitation to the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) biennial General Assembly scheduled to be held on 28 and 29 August 2020. Today, due to the global lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic which has taught us a new way of being church, a new way of being Christians and a new way of responding to our challenges and our society, the Council is holding this Assembly in a unique way.

We noted that the 2020 biennial General Assembly is coming at a time when Zimbabwe is celebrating 40 years of independence amidst historic and emerging challenges such as food shortages, deepening poverty, high rate of unemployment, systemic corruption, and collapse of health, education and other social services in the country.

We are deeply aware of the difficult situation the church is passing through in Zimbabwe and we call on the church of God to unite and stand together in such a difficult times. Let me also acknowledge the contributions of the ZCC and the churches in Zimbabwe in the areas of health care services, education, responding to the humanitarian challenges and constructive engagement with the leadership of the country in search for lasting solution to the current situation in the country.

We pray for God’s guidance as you meet to chart the way forward for the direction of the Council in the years to come and with great commitment to remain the hope of all Zimbabweans.

Wishing you fruitful deliberations and God’s blessings

Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca,
WCC Interim General Secretary