Jose MartĂ­, leader of the Independence in Cuba affirmed: "Death is not true when the work of Life has been accomplished."

Julio de Santa Ana will always be with us, because he fulfilled the work of life very well, and left us his thoughts and ideas for the transformation of society in his theological and sociologically oriented books, so that we can build the common good for all, without exclusions.

The sermon I heard him preach in the Latin American Community in Geneva, Switzerland, a few years ago, still resonates in my ears. His message made us value the actions of minority groups in each ecclesial and social context.

The radical nature of his thinking has always moved us because for our dear Julio, the compassionate words of Jesus of Nazareth in support of those most in need (Luke 7:13; Matthew 15:32) have always been central to him, translated into more than one occasion as "pain and shock from one's guts."

That's how Julio always was, the pain of others and others experienced it as his own pain. We thank God for having allowed us to know and love a man who taught us to live with the illusion and passion that it is possible to achieve the work of life, sustained by the certainty that we can achieve the restorative changes of life. human existence.

Julio also allowed us to value the great teaching of family accompaniment in order to fulfill the mission of the work of life. There is his wife Violaine, their children and grandchildren, who constituted an unbreakable bulwark of security and accompaniment.

We do not forget his years of teaching in Latin America and at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute. And we hope that all of us who have had the privilege of listening to his teachings can commit to living the work of life inspired by the teachings that Julio transmitted to us, that changes are always possible, inspired by the Constant Presence and Transformer of God that leads us to liberation, for the achievement of a promised life of fullness and joy.

Dr Ofelia Ortega

Former President of the World Council of Churches (WCC)

Professor of the Evangelical Seminary of Theology in Matanzas, Cuba.