Dear brothers and sisters in our Ecumenical Journey.

Peace be with you!

We celebrate Easter during the global COVID-19 pandemic which brought many tears and sorrows among people around the globe. We pray for the people who suffer and mourn to have consolation from God, and for all the medical personnel all over the world who struggle to help people who were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Likewise many churches in Indonesia, Pasundan Christian Church have suffered from pandemic effects, sociologically and economically. Nevertheless, we are trying to keep in hope and faith that God will work in all things for good to us who love God (Rom 8:28) and keep our ministry, not only for our congregation members but also to all people in Indonesia especially with our health ministry through our hospitals.

We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will give all of us the strength to get through this situation and also the strength to show solidarity within the community, to help each other, and to practice humanity to all people no matter their backgrounds. Hopely with our faith that The Lord is Risen we can bring love, peace, hope, joy, and the spirit of life to this world through our ministry.

Our prays are with you, May the healing touch from God be with us and heal the world.

Happy Easter.
Sincerely yours,

Pasundan Christian Church Synod Board