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Conveyed by letter to Bishop Aldo M. Etchegoyen of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina, 13 August 1999.

[Translated from Spanish original]

Esteemed Bishop Etchegoyen,

By this letter the World Council of Churches wishes to be present in the historic event of the granting of the Methodist Peace Prize to Grandmothers of the Plazy de Mayo.

We congratulate the World Methodist Council for having underscored the exemplary role of the Grandmothers through the granting of its Peace Prize and thus giving international recognition to organizations and persons who have distinguished themselves in their defense of human rights and peace.

We congratulate the Grandmothers, to whom we wish to reiterate our deep admiration and our unconditional solidarity for their untiring struggle to locate their grandchildren.

It is highly symbolic that the last Peace Prize of this century be granted to women of courage who have been able to overcome their own pain in order to dedicate their energy and the strength of their love to seek truth and justice for the disappeared in Argentina.

At the end of a century marked by so many violations of human rights that have gone unpunished the Grandmothers take a rightful place in history as an example to the world of the effectiveness of a committed struggle for the essential values of human dignity.

Their message has reached the whole world as a sign of hope that transmits inspiration and courage to other women and men who are confronted with the same challenges.

We pray that all these efforts may achieve their aim of reunion of the grandchildren with their families, the truth about the disappearances and justice for the victims.

The World Council of Churches reiterates its commitment to continue to accompany them in this struggle. May the Lord of Life light their way!

Konrad Raiser
WCC general secretary