Between 8 and 10 May 2024, we have gathered together in Rome for the Consultation on Promoting “Care is Work, Work is Care: Towards Building a Global Transformative Community and Contributing to the Global Development Agenda”, as key partners from the Holy See (Secretariat of State, Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, and the Pontifical Commission for Latin America), the International Labour Organisation, National and Regional Conferences of Catholic Bishops, Congregations of consecrated women and men, Catholic-inspired, ecumenical and other faith-based organisations, including the World Council of Churches, academia and universities, trade unions, associations of workers and entrepreneurs, and other grassroots civil society groups, coming from five continents and many different countries. We brought with us various backgrounds, experiences, and priorities. At the same time, we discovered our richness in such diversity and the common aspirations that unite us and that complement our aim to promote social justice for all. 

The present document is a roadmap that takes stock of the present stage of our journey, as an overall framework to orient our future follow-up efforts.