National Council of Churches of Kenya

Founded in 1943 as Christian Council of Kenya, which became National Christian Council of Kenya in 1966, and National Council of Churches of Kenya in 1984 (forerunners: Kenya Missionary Council founded in 1924, Alliance of Missions in 1918, United Conference of Missionary Societies in 1913).

Mission statement: The mission of the Council is to facilitate the united mission of the Christian Church in Kenya by promoting fellowship and ecumenism, nurturing a common understanding of the Christian faith and mission, building the capacities of its membership, enhancing the creation of a just and sustainable society, and upholding its corporate health, identity, heritage and sustainability.

Vision: One Church; united in faith and mission witnessing to Jesus Christ.

The NCCK is organized in nine regions: Central, Coast, Lower Eastern, Nairobi, North Rift, Nyanza, South Rift, Upper Eastern and Western Region.