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Time for Creation 2011

1 September to 4 October is Time for Creation…

Time for Creation 2011

1 September to 4 October is Time for Creation. As 2011 was  the International Year of Forests the WCC especially encouraged organizing prayers around this theme.

Prayers and ideas for celebrating Time for Creation were also shared on Facebook and Twitter.

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A prayer for God’s blessing

We pray for the trees, the plants and the crops planted this year, that Christ, our Lord, will bless them, that they will grow and yield a good harvest; that he will have compassion on his creation, and forgive us our sins.

Bless, O Lord, the land and water it, and do what you will with our lives.

Shower this year with your blessings, out of your love for the poorest of your people, the aliens, the orphans and the widows, and out of your love for us.

Our eyes look to you in hope and seek your holy name.

You give us our food in due season.

Deal with us, Lord, according to your goodness, for you satisfy all living things.

Fill our hearts with joy and grace, so that, having always sufficient for our needs, we may grow in all good works.


From the Environmental Education Handbook, CLAI/PNUMA, 2005 [in Spanish]

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