Young people holding up signs, marching for climate justice in 2019

On the streets of New York, in September 2019, some 60,000 young people called on government officials, churches, and the adults in their lives to not just say the right words, but begin a transformation in their daily lives. 



“International Youth Day is an intentional and proactive way in which the world acknowledges and celebrates the key contributions of young people in both church and society. The WCC-led event this year with the theme on climate justice, provides a common platform for young people from our member churches and ecumenical partners to take ownership of their space in the ecumenical movement,” says Joy Eva Bohol, WCC programme executive for Youth Engagement.

A toolkit will be launched and shared as a starting point for member churches and ecumenical partners to explore the theme on climate justice. “We hope that it will spark deeper, more intentional and engaging intergenerational conversations towards our collective active response in addressing climate change as people of faith!” says Bohol.

The WCC launched Ecumenical International Youth Day in 2019 for the first time in the past decade.
In 2020, areas of deep concern which the young people explored and focused on were industrialization, intergenerational conflict, modern living, COVID-19, the climate emergency, cultural expectations and migration—and how all these issues affect mental health. 

For 2021, young people from member churches and ecumenical partners will take over WCC’s social media to showcase the intersectionality of the climate change theme. 

The WCC is inviting young people to participate and submit materials for a “youthtakeover” to the 12 August programme, including ideas, video greetings, photos, songs, and dances, to on or before 31 July.

Please register here for the event.


Click here for the Ecumenical International Youth Day 2021 Event Toolkit

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