Girls in uniforms walking to school

Girls walk to school in Kauda, a village in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The area is controlled by the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North, and frequently attacked by the military of Sudan. The Catholic Church sponsors schools and health care facilities throughout the war-torn region.


“What about our sick and wounded!” the statement reads. “What about the future of our children!”

Sudan concerns us all, the youth statement noted. “Stopping the war is a unique choice to achieve the slogans of the revolution and serve the people of your country,” the text reads. 

The statement further notes that the dangers of continuing the conflict will inevitably lead the country to a very dangerous turn, resulting in many lives lost due to lack of food, the spread of diseases, insecurity, and more. 

“Yes to peace as the only opportunity for self-realization in building the desired country,” the message reads. “We demand the opening of humanitarian corridors so that citizens can be evacuated from places of war.”

The youth statement hopes for a return to the voice of reason. “Our condolences to our families for the loss of our dear Sudanese people, and we ask God to heal our wounded,” the message reads.

Statement by the Youth Office of the Sudan Council of Churches