Emerging Peacemakers Forum participants visit the Ecumenical Center

Participants of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum in the Visser't Hooft Hall of the Geneva Ecumenical Centre, headquarters of the World Council of Churches.


UN human rights officer Morse Caoagas Flores led the tour, sharing with the participants that he had been a steward at the WCC 9th Assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Flores informed the participants about the UN and its activities to maintain world peace, and foster international relations and development.

Visiting the Palais des Nations, which is the most active centre for multilateral diplomacy in the world, participants expressed that they gained invaluable insight into the procedures and functioning of the United Nations.

Participants were also welcomed at the WCC Ecumenical Centre in Geneva. Coming from diverse faith groups and regions, the participants were pleased to learn about the diverse range of issues being addressed by the WCC.

The participants were welcomed by Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata, WCC program director for Public Witness and Diakonia. Mtata shared with the participants how WCC attempts to strengthen interreligious respect and trust through bilateral and multilateral dialogues, and through regional and cross-cultural encounters on topics like religion and violence, perceptions of the the other,” and the search for identity in pluralistic societies.

Participants were also given a guided tour of the Ecumenical Centre by Rev. Prof. Dr Odair Pedroso Mateus, former deputy general secretary of WCC; Dr Manoj Kurian, team leader for the WCC-Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance; and Marianne Ejdersten, WCC director of Communication.

Photo gallery of the Emerging Peacemakers Forum participants visit to the Ecumenical Center

The graduation ceremony will take place on 13 July at 13:30-15:30 at the Ecumenical Centre. The ceremony will be livestreamed on

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