WSCF Meeting in Berlin

The World Student Christian Federation, General Assembly 23-30 2022


We heard first hand accounts of oppression and war from students living in Ukraine, Myanmar, Peru, Palestine, Sudan and others,” shared the message. Our prayers are with all these nations

The assembly reaffirmed policy priorities for the World Student Christian Federation on democracy, human rights, fundamentalism, peace building, climate and economic justice, and gender justice, identity, difference, and dialogue. We agreed to move beyond our past actions and develop new programs, cooperation and education in these areas,” reads the message. We committed to deepen support and interconnection within and between our regions, promoting solidarity with all suffering people.”

Discussions during the assembly showed the federations shared commitment to an inclusive and liberating Christian faith grounded in critical Biblical reflection. 

Assembly delegates expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to once again meet together, and profound gratitude to our Executive Committee and our hosts, the Evangelical Students Organisation of Germany, for ensuring such a smooth, well-managed and productive event,” concludes the message. The wisdom and inspiration of the Assembly will help us all to build our movements with renewed energy over the coming years.”