Workshop charts future directions for mission thinking in next generation

Image: WCC

Three presentation were shared by Rev Dr. Cyril Hovorun on “Nature, Structure, and Mission of the Church”, Rev. Dr. Judy Chung on “Generation Transformation: Movement of Young People in Mission,” and Rev. Jochen Kirsch on “Mission as participation in the fullness of life” in order to facilitate the dialogical conversation among the participants.                             

Bossey master student Zhao Meiqing from the China Christian Council reflected, “I felt it was quite an enriching and fascinating workshop through which colleagues from different cultural and confessional backgrounds could share their theological reflection and practical experience in mission. My own understanding of mission is greatly enriched from the perspective of the others.”             

Another youth participant, Tsion Alemayehu from the Ethiopia Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, commented, “I learned that mission is an intrinsic part of the church. In performing this, we need to relate with others in neighboring love. Our missional work should be based on building relationships, not only to solve problems but to grow together and lift others up. We have a ministry of reconciliation, not of destruction!”

Rev. Seoyoung Kim, who also participated in the 2018 Arusha Conference on World Mission and Evangelism as a youth delegate, shared, “I have learned that our faith in God and the understanding of resilience are significant in fulfilling God's mission. All sessions of the workshop allowed me to understand the variety of meanings that missions have in different contexts.”

Rev. Dr Prof. Kenneth Ross,  Prof of Theology, Zomba Theological College,who led part of the discussions, said he found the young people inspiring.“With young leaders like those at the workshop, I believe we can look forward to seeing expressions of mission that are humble, relational, confident and sacrificial. Exciting times ahead.”