Jackline Makena Mutuma

Her insights feed into the current campaign, True Freedom,” developed by the World Council of Churches in collaboration with the Clewer Initiative. 

In the interview, she especially speaks to the roots of modern slavery in her home country of Kenya. The issue of climate change has affected children,” she says. First of all, it begins with food insecurity. Due to climate change, people are unable to get food because farms are not producing food.”

She describes how food insecurity leads families and children to make a horrific choice: either die of hunger or be victims of human trafficking.

Mutuma also points out that, even before children become victims of human trafficking, they are denied access to education in Kenya, which makes them vulnerable. 

Right now, we are struggling with the economy,” she says. Everything is very expensive in Kenya, including education.”

Churches can make a tremendous difference in ensuring children dont become victims of human trafficking, Mutuma says, including being a prophetic voice in advocating for societal change.

She also urges pastors to develop sermons that address the issue.

Another role of the church is advocacy,” she says, which, she adds, churches should not leave to the rest of civil society advocates. 

How do we contribute as the church in policymaking?” she asks. How do we influence the laws that are being made by the government?”

She urges churches to go beyond producing statements—and act.

How many people read our statements?” she asks. How many people even listen?”

It is time for practical actions, she adds. Im a believer that words without action will never change the world,” she says.

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