Gloria Pua Ulloa

Ulloa said she sees many direct effects of climate change where she works in Argentina. There are many people who are leaving their territories who have been affected—their food security has been affected,” she said. Climate change is also causing migration.

The Evangelical Service of Diakonia works with agricultural families in Argentina and Paraguay.

At COP28, Ulloa said she has learned about many climate-related facets and topics.

We bring to the table the importance of justice—justice related also to the climate,” she said. I think its important.

Faith-based groups can bring the concepts of climate and justice together in a profound way, she said. We have the possibility to learn from other people,” she said. "I think the encounter is very important because we can meet from all over the word, share our ideas, share what we are doing in our own home countries—and also its important to know what other people are doing in their home countries,” she said.

Ulloa believes that, while they may not always get the results they want, its important for faith-based groups to know theyre not alone.

Its important to know that we are going to keep struggling and fighting and advocating for climate justice,” she said. 

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