23 June 2023, Geneva, Switzerland: H.E. Metropolitan Zachariah Nicholovos of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church pictured as morning prayer is observed during the World Council of Churches central committee, which gathers in Geneva on 21-27 June 2023, for its first full meeting following the WCC 11th Assembly in Karlsruhe in 2022.


The WCC central committee will also celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Council in multiple ways, starting 25 June with the Sunday Worship in St Pierre Cathedral at 10:00, and with a special celebration in the Ecumenical Centre at 14:00, where participants will have the chance to revisit WCC’s 75 years of history through the testimonies of people who have been engaged in many areas of its work and hear from younger generations about perspectives for the future.

Live stream of the Sunday Worship at St Pierre Cathedral on 25 June will be available at the YouTube channel of the Protestant Church of Geneva.

Live stream of the WCC central committee 75th anniversary celebration on 25 June will be available at the WCC YouTube channel and

The agenda for the central committee can be found on

WCC will mark its 75th anniversary as bridge from past to future (WCC news release, 22 May 2023)

Photo gallery of the WCC Central committee meeting

WCC Central committee meeting, June 2023