Jerusalem old city street

The WCC has long sought peace between the people of the region, recognizing the equal human dignity and rights of all people regardless of national, ethnic or religious identity. We appeal to the UN Security Council to remain seized of this matter, to monitor closely the ceasefire and any violations thereof, and to take appropriate and effective action to maintain the ceasefire and prevent any return to such wanton violence as we have seen over the last 11 days,” the letter reads.

The WCC urged members of the Security Council to observe a unified and coherent approach to this matter, based on “a consistent unbiased application of the relevant principles of international humanitarian and human rights law.”

Moreover, we plead for stronger, more assertive and more consistent efforts by the Security Council to ensure that this ceasefire is not merely a lull between recurrent bouts of bloody violence, but that progress is made towards a just and sustainable peace in the region, for which the two-state solution remains – though increasingly disregarded and undermined – the best and most viable route,” the letter concludes.

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