23 November 2022, Bethlehem, Palestine: The Church of the Nativity in central Bethlehem, with Christmas decorations in the shape of a large star mounted at its roof.


Bethlehem Reborn” is designed to remind us of the rebirth of Jesus and the new life and new hope that arises, even as the world struggles with many challenges.

Those visiting the exhibit will be able walk through the history of the Nativity, as the exhibit, by documenting restoration work and archaeological excavations, constructs a broader and deeper story that embraces the entire space of the basilica from the system of grottos to the roof, showing its development from the oldest periods up to the present day.

The exhibit—the fruit of a decade of work—features mosaics, columns, and crafted woods in a spirit of hope, healing, and victory over all somber situations.

The artistry is founded on the premise that the beauty and power of art, history, culture, and faith can promote understanding between people and strengthen interfaith dialogue as well inspire the betterment of future generations.

The exhibition is promoted by the State of Palestine; Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine; Presidential Committee for the Restoration of the Church of the Nativity; and the Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Holy See in cooperation with Bethlehem Development Foundation; Piacenti S.p.a and with the participation of University of Pavia.

The Geneva exhibition is being organized by the World Council of Churches, the Permanent Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations, and other international organizations.

Exhibition “Bethlehem Reborn – Palestine – The Wonders of the Nativity”