"Radical change through collective action", reads the sign of a group of climate activists at the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, 2021.


World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay participated in the pre-COP28 Faith Leaders Summit and the WCC has joined other organizations on the statement, titled “Confluence of Conscience: Uniting for Planetary Resurgence.”

The statement describes a “sacred duty” to cherish not only our human family, but also the fragile ecosystem that cradles us.

“We recognize the sorrow that many experience at this time and will respond effectively,” the statement reads. “We acknowledge our profound interconnectedness with one another and with the intricate web of life that envelops us.”

The groups stands united, the statement emphasizes. “Multifaceted global challenges can only be tackled if we worked together, people of all faith communities, supporting an effective multilateralism to tackle the triple planetary crisis,” the statement reads. “As we stand at the precipice of history, considering the gravity of the challenges we collectively face, we remain mindful of the legacy we will leave for generations to come.”

The statement implores decision-makers assembled at COP28 to act with urgency.

“The urgency of the hour demands that we act swiftly, collaboratively, and resolutely to heal our wounded world and preserve the splendor of our common home,” the statement reads. “In the process, we need to bring back hope for future generations.

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WCC will bring message to pre-COP28 Faith Leaders Summit (WCC news release 6 November 2023)