Sudan Council of Churches General Assembly

Rev. Dr Ibrahim Wushishi Yusef, WCC programme executive for peace-building in the African region, delivers greetings on behalf of the WCC acting general secretary to the Sudan Council of Churches General Assembly.


Rev. Dr Ibrahim Wushishi Yusef, WCC programme executive for peacebuilding in the African region, delivered the greeting on behalf of Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, WCC acting general secretary.

Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca reflected that the gathering is being held during a time when the ministry of the church in Sudan is been threatened by poverty, domestic violence, displacement, humanitarian challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WCC recognises the challenges and the difficulties some of our brothers and sisters may be passing through due to these challenges and the devastating impacts of the pandemic lockdown in Sudan and in the global community,” said WCC acting general secretary. We pray that you may experience the presence and the love of God even in the midst of the pandemic.”

The WCC has long supported and will continue to accompany the work of the churches and Sudan Council of Churches for peace, unity and reconciliation, continued Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca. As people of God, we are called to stand together in solidarity with one another, upholding each other in prayers, supporting those who are made vulnerable socially and economically, the displaced persons and those who have lost their means of livelihood due to the crisis,” said Sauca. We are frail and weak when we stand alone but strong and formidable when we stand together.”

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