City of Karlsruhe, where the WCC 11th Assembly will take place.


"Propitious in its timing, your meeting takes place as we continue to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, its closely related social and economic problems, and its heavy implications for the human future,” reads the letter. I will not belabour those mountainous challenges here, except to say that their gravity and scale also test the sturdiness of our faith, the character of our hope, and the depth of our love for God and each other."

The meeting is a sign of the potential for ecumenical Christians to unite in commitment to healing humanity, Sauca reflected. Indeed, I firmly believe that the world cries out for the redemptive love that is at the heart of Christian faith,” the message continue. To model a society of reconciling love. To spark new thinking and bold ideas based on concrete hopes.  To counter division, ideological distortion, and violations of human rights with unwavering commitment to human life, health, and dignity.”

Sauca also encouraged the Norwegian Christian Councils participation in the 11th WCC Assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2022.

So, based on your discernment of the times, I ask you to consider: what are the next steps toward real Christian unity? How best do we nurture authentic Christian discipleship for the sake of the world? What are the mechanisms and methods we should employ to encourage reconciliation in the world?”

Sauca urged the Norwegian Christian Council to meet in prayerful hope. May this era of shared vulnerability heighten our perceptions of solidarity and fill our hearts with a welcoming and healing compassion,” the greeting concludes. May our pained knowledge of the fragility of nature render every sunset precious. And may the massive needs of our world  accent our sense of shared destiny, hone our understanding of the workings of God in the world, and colour our every social interaction with ultimate import and redemptive possibility.”

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