Out of the Shadows workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, 2019. Participants from the Christian Council of Nigeria.


The theme of the Christian Council of Nigerias assembly is Christs Love Compels Us,” a theme that is very apt for our times, observed Sauca.

Nigeria has been threatened by insecurity, poverty, banditry, kidnapping for ransom, economic hardship, attacks on places of worship, displacements, and an unstable political environment leading to the 2023 general elections,” he wrote. Nigerians are in search of answers to these many challenges and the church must be seen leading people to God, who is able to provide solutions to the national and global problems.”

Sauca recognized the challenges the churches and people of Nigeria are passing through as a result of ongoing insecurity. We have long supported and will continue to accompany the work of the churches and the Christian Council of Nigeria in their struggle for justice, reconciliation and unity,” he continued. As people of God, we are called to stand together in solidarity with one another, upholding each other in prayers, supporting those who are made vulnerable socially and economically, the displaced persons, and those who have lost their means of livelihood due to the crisis.”

He conveyed the WCCs prayers, solidarity, and support to the churches and people of Nigeria. We pray that you may experience the presence and Christs love even in the midst of these challenges,” he wrote.

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