Ain el Qassis, Lebanon.


In these last five decades, the Middle East Council of Churches has been a beacon of hope, unity, and resilience in a region often torn by conflict and division,” wrote WCC general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay. Its journey, defined by a steadfast commitment to ecumenism, justice, and service, demonstrates the transformative power of faith and fellowship in overcoming challenges and fostering peace.”

Pillay expressed deep appreciation for the Middle East Council of Churches’ “unwavering dedication to promoting unity” among its member churches and sister ecumenical organizations.

It has been a source of hope and support for the younger generations, working extensively in education and healthcare, and serving refugees across the region,” wrote Pillay. Your engagement in Palestine has been marked by solidarity with the Palestinian people, providing crucial assistance and advocating for peace and justice in the face of ongoing struggles.”

Pillay also commended the Middle East Council of Churches’ interfaith engagement and understanding in the birthplace and enduring home of the three major Abrahamic traditions. 

And together you stand up for peace, for the displaced, for creation, and for the children, always alert for the redemptive possibilities emerging across boundaries of churches, religions, peoples, and nations,” wrote Pillay. Your role will always be crucial as the challenges in the Middle East remain complex and multifaceted.”

Pillay offered the WCCs prayer for strengthening the bonds of fellowship, deepening ecumenical engagements, championing justice, and serving those in need. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and the faithful Christians whom you serve so well,” he wrote. 

WCC Greetings on the Occasion of the 50th Jubilee of the Middle East Council of Churches

Middle East Council of Churches