Candles in the Notre Dame Cathedral

The youth will gather under the theme “Hope in time and out of season.”

Sauca asks: “So, where is hope in the midst of the uncertainties? Where is God in the midst of the increasing deaths and infections of the coronavirus in the world?”

We ask these questions alongside our young people, Sauca reflects.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made the disparities of our world today more obvious: disparities in income and wealth, access to healthcare, along with disparate outcomes based on race or gender,” he writes. “At the same time, more eyes are opened in the current reality.”

This has created more opportunities for the church to live out its prophetic calling, Sauca adds. “It is our opportune time to be awake and be proactive,” he writes. We move from awareness of the signs of the time, to affirming young people’s leadership, to working together in addressing the issues that affect us all. As young people, you mobilize, you draw inspiration from the strength of your peers and others, and you create initiatives to move us toward a “new normal.”

Young people are leaders in recognizing the need for change, Sauca notes. “As a generation, comprising more than half of the world’s population, young people are leaders of the present and the years to come,” he writes.

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