Sr. Olav way emblem.

Sr. Olav way emblem.


The 1024 gathering was a milestone in the centuries-long quest within Christian Europe to articulate and enforce the hallmarks of humanity in an accountable way, to tame the drive for power and property, and to enlist governance in the protection of human life and dignity.

The profound Christian affirmation of the divine image within us has anchored the inalienable dignity of being human and thus the collective commitment to human life and to human rights,” said Pillay. That fertile intersection, even if only imperfectly realized, has provided the humanistic framework of our civilization.”

The Jubilee ecumenical gathering, Pillay noted, is both timely and promising. 

The nation of Norway stands tall in the international quest for peace,” said Pillay. And the Church of Norway, the Christian Council of Norway, and your specialized ministries bring unflagging energy and commitment to the churches’ ongoing Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity.”

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